Reflection about comments

The second blog is about suggestions I gave to the following three students’ pitch and how this affects my work in the following step.

In the three blogs, I first said that their topic was attractive to me. I am telling the truth because their three topics are fascinating and close to people’s lives. Yuanxin wrote about the development and impact of online virtual pets in the next 5 to 10 years, taking the Japanese Pokemon as an example. This topic also reminds me, when I first came to Australia, I felt so lonely that I wanted to have a pet to accompany me. Finally, I gave up on this idea for many reasons. I think Liam’s DA pitch is one of the most creative. First, she used artificial intelligence software to help her complete the presentation. I think this is an excellent opportunity for me because the topic I am talking about is about AI synthetic anchor. The software used by Liam is beneficial to me. Georgia discusses a hot topic in today’s society: how everything on social media has become fake. Her topic reminds me of the Chinese report I have seen before, and it is the question that Georgia said. How can Internet actress use Photoshop and various retouching software to make their photos look beautiful and elegant to deceive the money of the admirers.

I think I have given them clear and useful suggestions, and they can choose according to their actual situation.

Yuanxian’s topic is perfect, but I think the network virtual pet and pet robot are two different things, so I suggest that she choose one of the two for future research and analysis. I think this is a good suggestion because focusing on one thing will lead to more in-depth results. Moreover, interviewing people who have networked virtual pets and real pets will get different answers. Analysis of the same thing from different angles will not only help to increase the integrity of the results but also have the opportunity to do the work from a completely different point to the discussion. In the end, I posted two links, one about virtual pets and the other about pet robots. In the end, I posted two links, one about virtual pets and the other about pet robots. Hopefully, this will help Yuanxin. The AI ​​and creative arts involved in Liam is an unacquainted field for me. I don’t know if the first suggestion I gave is in line with her plan because in Liam’s pitch I didn’t find out which method she wanted to interact with the audience. Maybe I missed it. However, I think the second suggestion is beneficial. The software of Google Deep Dream is related to the field that Liam is studying. It is very suitable for Liam to be the next research object. I also suggested Georgia do a survey later to get more ideas because I think the form of the questionnaire is handy for research. Everyone has different opinions so that they can see problems from different dimensions and different levels of thought.

Overall, I think I made a good and comprehensive peer comment. I try to use a language that makes the other person feel very comfortable. However, there may be some places that will look very blunt, but I am filled with respect for everyone.

屏幕快照 2019-04-11 20.59.48屏幕快照 2019-04-11 20.59.59

(It may be that the number of words exceeds the limit, I have to divide the comments for Yuanxin into two parts.)

屏幕快照 2019-04-11 20.37.39

屏幕快照 2019-04-11 19.35.47

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